Crossing the River Styx

"When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die..." - Linkin Park This piece was essentially based on the song by Linkin Park "Hands Held High" from their "Minutes to Midnight" album.  Much of that album blasted at the powers that be and their callousness toward their plebeian brethren and their plight.  And this… Continue reading Crossing the River Styx


Pieta 2

Pieta is a Christian symbol often associated with a Mother Mary carrying the body of Jesus Christ in her lap, a poignant story of a mother mourning the loss of her child.  Pieta can be associated with lots of things outside of Christian context.  In any circumstances a loss of an innocent life due to… Continue reading Pieta 2


The Radiance

This piece was inspired by a track from Linkin Park's "A Thousand Suns" titled "the Radiance" in which it is a clip of an old interview with the renowned phycisist Robert Oppenheimer, who was responsible for creating mankind's greatest destruction force- the atomic bomb.  In the clip Oppie likened himself to a Hindu deity Vishnu… Continue reading The Radiance


The Millenial Valkyrie

In ancient Norse mythology a Valkyrie was an angelic spirit that lead the soul of a fallen warrior to his eternal rest in the heavenly realm of Asgard.  It is said that those that receive favor in the eyes of the gods will see a Valkyrie that are otherwise invisible to the naked eyes, and… Continue reading The Millenial Valkyrie


White noise

This is in the similar vein as the last piece IN THE VALLEY OF SHADOW OF DEATH about PTSD, with a more eerie ghostly feel. I got the title for this piece from a movie of the same name, a horror movie about voices being heard through electronic devices believed to be voices of the… Continue reading White noise


Battle Angel

Conflict comes in many forms-from verbal arguments to fist fights to sword duels to exchange of gunshots to death and destruction on a global scale. The last part is the worst, that which results in losses of lives, all because of one's foolish sense of self-superiority demonstrated by weapons bigger and badder than the opponents.… Continue reading Battle Angel

Pop Art

Atomic Peace

It's been predicted, it's been disputed, but it is official: this is the Nuclear Age, literally. With all the news buzzing about chemical weapons and impending nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran we cannot help but be on the edge.  Sure we like to shut it out of our mind by turning our short… Continue reading Atomic Peace


Messenger of Death

They proclaim themselves the deliverers of their people, exterminators of "western evil" the warrior angels of their faith.  But to us they are terrorists, murderers, disruptors of peace. The world has not been the same since that fateful day we know as 9/11, 2001.  The day that a seemingly invincible United States of America came… Continue reading Messenger of Death