These days it’s easier now than ever for everyone (I mean, EVERYONE) to get their fifteen minutes of fame (which was famously quoted by the legendary Andy Warhol) via such apps as Youtube and Twitch. The latter is primarily for live streaming video games though other activities such as cooking and art are also featured …

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Random Thoughts: RYU, and I

June 14, 2014

Wow has it been 25 years?

it was back in ’91 when I first caught glimpse of that game in the local arcade. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but back in the day I was a young, lonely, bratty, hot tempered tomboy that preferred to chase around boys and kick balls than play with Barbies or wonder what to wear to school. I also had my head deep in space, like it was never quite in tune with the real world; I still am but I’ve come a looong way am I’ve learned to channel my aggression and restlessness into drawing. Oh and video games also helped as well.

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