It’s official: I’ve caught the Twitter Bug! From now on it’s where I’ll be recording my daily random rants that pop in my head.  It’ll also be where I’ll take quick note of new ideas that flash before my sight and before it fades away from my short-term memory bank.  At least its more convenient …

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A Tweet Death

February 27, 2015

Facebook.  Twitter.  Instagram.  There is no shortage of ways one can share their stories and pictures with their friends and strangers in the vast web of cyberspace.  But with this open portal to ones deepest realm of the soul comes many dangers- hackers, criminals, the police, the Feds, terrorists, all have access to one’s most intimate details of his or life he or she has chosen to share.  But the worst is the ones close to you- your friends and the not-so-best friends.  One wrong slip of those typing fingers and it’s all over the web like hot off the griddle, and it cannot be undone once the cats out of the bag.  And the shame of it is just too much to bear; at least back in the day words didn’t spread far past your home town without the internet. But now it’s capable of reaching half across the globe, how can anyone face stepping out into the public ever again.  It’s no wonder the suicide rate is skyrocketing in some countries due to this vicious cyber bullying.  So how can one prevent this catastrophe from happening to them or to their loved ones?  Very simple- just stay the hell away from the Internet as far as possible, though that’s much much easier said than done.  😉

Life’s Tweet…

February 4, 2014

2014 Ink and watercolor on Bristol 14x17

Ink and watercolor on Bristol

I mentioned in earlier post about the profound impact social networking has on the 21st century. With the cyberspace moving ever faster than speeding light words can travel just that much faster than a human mouth. Yes it’s sweet to get the message you been waiting so milliseconds long for from your beau or to announce that you finally got that dream job and receive a million ‘likes’ even from total strangers. But is it?
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January 9, 2014

2013 Charcoal, pastel, ink, gouache on Bristol 11x17

Charcoal, pastel, ink, gouache on Bristol

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedn, YouTube, Pinterest…these days there’s no shortage of ways you can grab your 15 minutes or attain 1,000,000+ followers of your ordinary life. Social Networking Services, or SNS, offers endless possibilities for you to attract attention with not so much as a click of a button (or the finger) or without ever having to leave your room. Continue reading

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