And heeeerrrreeeee she is, the last of the nine – Cellphones have made life a whole lot easier for all of us in the past decades, and it will only get better as technology ups its game in times to come.  Unfortunately that’s also brought on a new wave of distractions and addictions from these …

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Somehow I can’t get this line out of my head. WE ARE THE DEAD.  I first cam across that line from the famous Orwell novel 1984, which takes place in a world where freedom is virtually outlawed and everyone lives under constant surveillance by seemingly invisible eyes.  The title refers to the year 1984, when …

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You know the familiar phrase “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Figuratively speaking it refers to an evildoer who disguises himself as a friend to deceive his prey.  Sometimes it’s hard to see past its disguise, even if he’s right next to you.  How much harder to spot it online, where the wolf can take on …

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Death By Cellular

April 18, 2014

2014 Pencil and pen on Bristol 11x17

Pencil and pen on Bristol

I’m kinda done with the Greek Mythos series for now, I’ll get back to it when I get more ideas.
And here I am continuing with my gripes against cellphones. Nothing personal, but it’s ruining lives like drugs and gambling, but worse. We are seeing alarmingly increasing rate of deaths caused by cellphone use: texting while driving, suicide over an offensive tweet or humiliating Facebook photo posts, blood pressure dropping due to hours and hours with head down staring at the tiny screen (not to mention blurred to impaired visions from the glare of the screen)…I kinda get the feeling the guy who made The Terminator was actually giving us a subliminal warning about the machines destroying humankind…
Now this piece isn’t exactly gallery material, it’s merely a study. I was considering turning it into a woodcut or the likes of it, I plan to play with this some more, so stay tuned…

Plight of the Honeybees

December 12, 2013

2013 Paper cutout, ink on paper 30x22

Paper cutout, ink on paper

There was a TIME article about honeybees disappearing at an alarming rate all over the world. Scientists believed a certain virus and increased use of pesticides in many rural areas are to blame, but there are speculations that microwaves from cellphones and wi-fi are more of a problem, because they are disrupting the bees’ navigation senses and therefore they are unable to properly locate their nesting and harvesting grounds. And that means many plants and trees that rely on the bees for transporting their pollen for fertilization and growth are in danger. With almost every human being on the planet in possession of a cellphone or wi-fi powered devices, that’s way too many waves for the bees to handle.

I had piles of colored poster boards I was contemplating what to do with it, and inspired by Matisse’s cutout art I cut up the pieces in circular forms to represent the microwaves and strategically placed them on a gouache-soaked board.  I then drew the little bees with ink, purposely “cut off” some of them to illustrate a point that is how bees get lost in the mass of airwaves caused by our endless obsession with our cellphones.  Even bees need some peace and quiet too, like us, so why shouldn’t they deserve some respect?  Where else are we gonna get our honeys and apples and almonds?

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