graphic novel

TEARS OF RED Vol. 1 I want to introduce my newest graphic novel, TEARS OF RED. This was a dream project I have been working on since 2007 and yes it's taken quite a long time. Β I've talked about this in the past posts and I now bring to your attention that I have published it via Amazon Kindle,… Continue reading TEARS OF RED Vol. 1


Tears of Red Vol. 2

I've released a second part to my graphic novel TEARS OF RED, available on Amazon Kindle. Β There will be total of six volumes and it will be released every six months. Β Afterwards I intend to put them all together in single volume loaded with extra pages and features and release them in both print and… Continue reading Tears of Red Vol. 2

Poetic Art

Tears of Red

Here I have a reimagining Of an old piece done about couple years ago, a poem I wrote myself (terribly) about pain and sadness. Β (Original piece can be seen here). The original was done on scratchboard; this time I've enlarged it on wood covered with pasted paper which I I then covered with various textured… Continue reading Tears of Red