Wind Water Fire Mountain

My own tribute to one of the greatest video game characters ever created.  The four Kanjis seen on the right are from his belt that stands for “wind, wood, fire, mountain.” This is actually derived from the famous… Read More

SFPop Continued

Hey there.  Was under the weather last two weeks; my brain was frozen.  Happens every once in a while. To pick things up again I present to you my second installment of StreetFighter  Pop.  I know there’s like… Read More


Random Thoughts: RYU, and I

Wow has it been 25 years? it was back in ’91 when I first caught glimpse of that game in the local arcade. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but back in the day I was… Read More


Remember Street Fighter 2? If you lived in the 90s as I had you would know the game that was all the rage in every arcades across the country. One of the most popular characters of that universe… Read More