The Monster Inside Me: Darkness

Living with cancer, or watching someone close to you struggling with he disease, is one of the most depressing experience you can ever have in your life. You feel like you are stuck in a corner surrounded by… Read More

The Monster Inside Me: Trapped

The cancer ordeal is not only limited to the patients; the loved ones, the caregivers, it affects them in big ways too. More because they may not fully comprehend the suffering the patient is enduring, and lots of… Read More

The Monster Inside Me: Haywire

It’s tough to have the dreaded cancer in your body. It’s more tough when you get the chemo injected into your body. Our body is like a computer- when a virus gets into the system, the whole hard… Read More

The Monster Inside Me: Hairless

One of the side effects of chemotherapy is loss of hair, for most of the drugs used in the therapy. For women that is a pretty big deal, as I saw with Mom. She was pretty crushed and… Read More

The Monster Inside Me: Heavy

Up until now I’ve only heard of how hard chemotherapy was from those that had to go through with it. Then when mom got her first of the four separate rounds of chemo starting in November of 2010,… Read More