Selfie ’17 and Selfie Medley

My latest selfie for 2017: I'm quite a goofball, something I had tried in the past to not let be part of me.  But as fate would have it, that's the way I was born, the way I had grown up, and will be that way for the rest of my life.  So I've come… Continue reading Selfie ’17 and Selfie Medley


t@LL Log 4/15/17

Back to work this Friday, though I was feeling a bit sluggish and low energy, something that happens very once in a while. Β And it didn't help any more that some teenagers nearby were smoking some weed and I could smell the strong odor, yuck. Β Still I pushed myself to get some work done, and… Continue reading t@LL Log 4/15/17


The self

   Here my latest selfie of the year 2016.  This was taken from a selfie I did while lying on the bed.  Drawn with conte and then diluted with wet brush on a gessoed cardboard.  Simple. Happy Easter.  Hop hop. 


Chagall Selfie

Another selfie using collage and thick thick slabs of block ink I was trying to get rid of, kind of like a 'summer cleaning' of my supply bag. Β Not really thinking much here about what I am trying to accomplish in this one, though it's got a pretty cartoony Chagall-esque appeal. Β I was always told… Continue reading Chagall Selfie

Portrait of an Artist

Portrait of An Artist: ME!

Disclaimer: Now I in no way consider myself on the rank as the artists listed in the series to put myself here. But I just didn't know what other categories to put this one in, so.... Remember my first post where I showed you eight different sketches of my face in different medium and techniques?… Continue reading Portrait of An Artist: ME!