Crossing the River Styx

"When the rich wage war, it's the poor who die..." - Linkin Park This piece was essentially based on the song by Linkin Park "Hands Held High" from their "Minutes to Midnight" album.  Much of that album blasted at the powers that be and their callousness toward their plebeian brethren and their plight.  And this… Continue reading Crossing the River Styx


Red tape

You hear it everyday. On TV, in the newspaper, words of mouth-the RED TAPE.Not in literal sense, it's a metaphor for obstacles, restrictions, and criteria. Requirements that must be met before certain things can be obtained, and the process is long and downright frustrating.  It's prominently featured in the laws of our land. Because there… Continue reading Red tape

Pop Art

The Tears of the Spring

The Arab Spring. A fanciful term coined by the media to describe the recent uprisings of the oppressed in the Middle East. The idea first dawned on me when I was playing around with tracing my hand in various positions and combining them. One time the shape came out resembling a flower, and then there's… Continue reading The Tears of the Spring

Pop Art

Atomic Peace

It's been predicted, it's been disputed, but it is official: this is the Nuclear Age, literally. With all the news buzzing about chemical weapons and impending nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran we cannot help but be on the edge.  Sure we like to shut it out of our mind by turning our short… Continue reading Atomic Peace


Messenger of Death

They proclaim themselves the deliverers of their people, exterminators of "western evil" the warrior angels of their faith.  But to us they are terrorists, murderers, disruptors of peace. The world has not been the same since that fateful day we know as 9/11, 2001.  The day that a seemingly invincible United States of America came… Continue reading Messenger of Death


Portrait of A Capitalist

The past few weeks I got into reading George Orwell's "Animal Farm." It's a good book, and very insightful. It is so reflective of the current state of our world, the majority of overworked plebians controlled by the 'pigs' of the elite few who take a chunk of the credits for work they don't do.… Continue reading Portrait of A Capitalist


The House of Swines (renamed)

As I finished up "Animal Farm" I took note of the last passage about how the animals could not distinguish between the pigs and their human allies as they broke out into an argument. This then reminded me of what's going on lately over at the Capitol Hill in D.C. Seeing as how the House… Continue reading The House of Swines (renamed)