The Millenial Valkyrie

In ancient Norse mythology a Valkyrie was an angelic spirit that lead the soul of a fallen warrior to his eternal rest in the heavenly realm of Asgard. ┬áIt is said that those that receive favor in the… Read More

Greek Mythos Series 7 : Narcissus

  You might be familiar with the term, “narcissism.” We humans have a knack for being ‘full of it,’ selfish and harboring beliefs that the world revolves around the self. And the social network only makes it worse,… Read More

Greek Mythos Series 6 : Atlas

Now you’ve heard of the old saying, “the weight of the world upon thy shoulders.” Alluding to the mental burdens, troubles, dilemmas, and the like of epic proportions one tends to carry around him.

Greek Mythos Series 5 : Prometheus

In Greek mythology, Prometheus was a mortal who dared to stand up to the gods and steal fire from them after the gods had cut off all fire supply to the living on a Earth; as a punishment… Read More

Greek Mythos Series 4 : Icarus

Don’t try to climb higher than you can really handle- that is the message behind this cautionary Greek tale about a boy who fashions himself a pair of wings and then attempts to fly up into Mt. Olympus,… Read More