Linkin Park: The Art

These two pics are basically based on the music of Link Park, one of my favorite music bands of all time.  So far I have almost of of their albums to date: Hybrid Theory, Meteora, Minutes to Midnight,… Read More

The Man Who Fell to Earth (A Tribute to David Bowie)

   Earlier this year the world mourned the sudden passing of one of the greatest music idols in human history. David Bowie, a household name in pop music culture known for his eccentric personae and innovative musical style… Read More

Musical Sunday Presents: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Other side

I like it when musicians take inspirations from well known piece of art and incorporate them in their music videos. That’s one of my favorite things about mv’s: the visual and artistic interpretations of their songs. And it… Read More

Musical Sunday Presents: Kansas – Dust in the Wind

A song about mortality and the futility of mans attempt to hold on to what does not last. It is also biblical in a sense that we were all created from dust, “and to dust we shall return.”… Read More


I am a huge fan of LINKIN PARK. Their music and the lyrics in many ways resonates with me mentally and spiritually. I can feel the angst and anxiety in most of their songs, a reflection of my… Read More