Nine IDOLS Complete At last!

And heeeerrrreeeee she is, the last of the nine - Cellphones have made life a whole lot easier for all of us in the past decades, and it will only get better as technology ups its game in times to come.  Unfortunately that's also brought on a new wave of distractions and addictions from these … Continue reading Nine IDOLS Complete At last!

The Wolf on the Web

You know the familiar phrase "a wolf in sheep's clothing." Figuratively speaking it refers to an evildoer who disguises himself as a friend to deceive his prey.  Sometimes it's hard to see past its disguise, even if he's right next to you.  How much harder to spot it online, where the wolf can take on … Continue reading The Wolf on the Web

Big Brother is Watching You…and demands you give money!

Or, at least, that's what you might think of. Have you seen this? I turned on the computer one day and suddenly the screen goes white, then several seconds later this page pops up. Apparently Interpol has locked my computer for illegally downloading porn, and in order to end the lock I gotta pay $300 … Continue reading Big Brother is Watching You…and demands you give money!