Field Trip Day 13: The Vatican Splendors at the Ronald Reagan Library

Last Saturday after hearing about the special exhibition from the Vatican Museum of Rome, Italy, to be held at the Ronald Reagan Library, I made the daring trip to the location in Simi Valley, barely conquering the infamous… Read More

Field Trip Day 12: Anime Expo 2016

Anime Expo (or AX for short) is the largest convention of animation and manga from Japan held in the US.  You can say it’s like the Comic-Con of Japanese pop culture.  It started in the Northern California and later… Read More

Field Trip Day 11: The Broad Museum

After months of waiting I finally nabbed the coveted ticket to the newly opened Broad Museum in Downtown LA, located right across an older cousin the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art). Opened in September of last year this… Read More

Field Trip Day 10 : The Bowers Museum of Cultural Art

Located in Santa Ana, California, the Bowers Museum houses an eclectic collection of ancient cultural artifacts of Pre Columbian, Pan Asian, Pacific Islands, and early California paintings.  Named after Charles Bowers, who was a land developer in the… Read More

Field Trip Day 8: LA Brewery Artwalk

The Los Angeles Brewery Artwalk is a biannual event at one of LA’s biggest artist in residence community.  Originally the Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery, it was converted into a non-profit art community in 1982 and today boasts of over… Read More