The Monster Inside Me: Haywire

It's tough to have the dreaded cancer in your body. It's more tough when you get the chemo injected into your body. Our body is like a computer- when a virus gets into the system, the whole hard drive goes haywire. I know the numerous side effects that come with the chemo, fatigue, appetite loss, … Continue reading The Monster Inside Me: Haywire

The Monster Inside Me: Heavy

Up until now I've only heard of how hard chemotherapy was from those that had to go through with it. Then when mom got her first of the four separate rounds of chemo starting in November of 2010, that's when I realized just how serious and life changing it was. The first day didn't seem … Continue reading The Monster Inside Me: Heavy

The Monster Inside Me: Cry

Here my first piece using a whole new technique; well, not all new. Back in college I took a class on printmaking and I really liked it so much I incorporated it into many of my senior projects. It's been over ten years now since I've last used it; now I'm taking this opportunity to … Continue reading The Monster Inside Me: Cry

The Monster Inside Me: Bound

This month I am focused on something deeply personal, and trying new styles and techniques. Here is the first in the new series I titled "Monster Inside Me." No it's not some cutesy monster fantasy type, rather its a metaphor and allusion to a condition I am in. I might have mentioned once here, back … Continue reading The Monster Inside Me: Bound