Battle of the Bulge!

These days watching Trump and North Korea's leader Kim John in duking it out at each other is like a bad comedic duel between Abbott and Costello. Or Penn and teller. Or Harry and Lloyd. I could go on. But it's still no laughing matter when they've got their fat little fingers on a weapon … Continue reading Battle of the Bulge!

Billionaire HogĀ 

I don't think I need to explain this...even words are wasted on this heinous creature that is trying to get into the White House (and please good citizens of USA for the love of God and country go out and vote on Nov. 8).

Blow the TRUMPet

   Will somebody please shut The Trump UP?! I never did take the guy seriously, though I won't deny the wits and skills he used to build up a mega billion dollar empire and made the name Trump synonymous with rich and famous. But do we really want to be calling him President Trump? Give … Continue reading Blow the TRUMPet