Tears of Red Vol. 2

I've released a second part to my graphic novel TEARS OF RED, available on Amazon Kindle.  There will be total of six volumes and it will be released every six months.  Afterwards I intend to put them all together in single volume loaded with extra pages and features and release them in both print and… Continue reading Tears of Red Vol. 2

Cartoon of the Day

Cartoon of the Day : When the World Lies on Your Head…

   Yep That's how I feel pretty much about every day.   Happy Friday. 

Pop Art


The past decade we have witnessed the successful return of some of America's most iconic comic book superhero ever to capture the imaginations of every kid on the block to the big screen: Batman, Spider-Man, and now, Superman. The quintessential heroes of the good old U.S. of A. And they are played by, ehem, British… Continue reading AMERICAN HEROES, ENGLISH HEARTS