The Feminist Genocide


Portrait of An Artist: ME!

Disclaimer: Now I in no way consider myself on the rank as the artists listed in the series to put myself here. But I just didn’t know what other categories to put this one in, so….

The Pop Of Gaga

I admit Lady Gaga has some crazy sense of fashion. Bubble suits, the masquerade masks, meat dress…oh my how much farther can she go? This piece needless to say is dedicated to her. It took a bunch of… Read More

Plight of the Honeybees

There was a TIME article about honeybees disappearing at an alarming rate all over the world. Scientists believed a certain virus and increased use of pesticides in many rural areas are to blame, but there are speculations that… Read More

The New Money

There was an interesting quote from an old Asian lore about “to throw a pearl at a swine,” which means that something valuable as a pearl is deemed worthless at the hands of the reckless and the ungrateful…. Read More