Collection Completed : Mortal Kombat X Puffs

A year ago I started dabbling in clay modeling using polymer clay. Β What started out as mere practice turned into an ambition to build up a collection of clay dolls based on the popular video game MORTAL KOMBAT X, the design based on the Kidrobot Dunny vinyl dolls. Β I had previously blogged about this back… Continue reading Collection Completed : Mortal Kombat X Puffs


Puff Time: Mortal Kombat Original 9

I'm taking another shot at clay modeling, this time using an air-dry clay. I want to see how it compares to the traditional oven-bake clay. I'm calling my mini figures Puffs because they remind me of the Stay-Puft Narshmallow Man from the Ghostbusters movie. Β  And as for subject I'm sticking to Mortal Kombat but… Continue reading Puff Time: Mortal Kombat Original 9

Modeling/Sculpture, Video doc, Work in Progress

Sculpey Raiden Video & the Final

As promised here is the video documenting my sculpey project: https://youtu.be/KT2uZ0rB6ek And below is the completed product: Overall I'm pretty happy with my first attempt at clay modeling. Of course it isn't perfect, but I've learned a few things. Next time I'm gonna try the air dry clay. Β I'll keep you posted on that. Have… Continue reading Sculpey Raiden Video & the Final