Iron Sakura – A Visit to the Past

Some time ago I was digging through some old stuff from college days and I came across this: It was one of my early forays into comic art while I was still college.Β  This was a character design artwork for one of the original comics I had produced to present at portfolio pieces.Β  I had… Continue reading Iron Sakura – A Visit to the Past

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts : Hello Twitter

It's official: I've caught the Twitter Bug! From now on it's where I'll be recording my daily random rants that pop in my head. Β It'll also be where I'll take quick note of new ideas that flash before my sight and before it fades away from my short-term memory bank. Β At least its more convenient… Continue reading Random Thoughts : Hello Twitter

Pop Art


Remember Street Fighter 2? If you lived in the 90s as I had you would know the game that was all the rage in every arcades across the country. One of the most popular characters of that universe was Chun Li, a cute Chinese doll with a penchant for kicking major ass. She was the… Continue reading Chun-Kiiii