Portrait of An Artist: Picasso

Finally some tribute portraits. This here is of the true father of modern art, the enigmatic Pablo Picasso. It is him to whom I owe the most for my current artistic endeavors (next to God, of course He… Read More

Back to the Oldie- A Portrait Drawing

As I mentioned, I am not a patient person, I cannot stand in one place for too long. I am always on the move, can’t wait to work on something new and try different things. I am crazy… Read More


This image shows five viewpoints of my outcry, intertwined in chaotic motions like a massive storm. It’s just how I feel when I am at the worst. I’ll be honest. I am an ordinary girl that draws extraordinary… Read More

First Images – Vanity 8

To kick start, I share with you series of self-portrait sketch exercises using different medium per sketch, for total of eight.  (Not to be self-centered here, but I can’t afford to pay models and besides the hardest part… Read More