t.@.L.L. LOG 6-12-17

This past weekend I began on a new mixed media project that is much larger than what I'm used to working on (I haven't measured it out yet, but the biggest I've ever worked on previously was about 16x20, so this is lot bigger).  I had claimed some scrap wood from the backyard of my… Continue reading t.@.L.L. LOG 6-12-17


Babel 3: Timechasers

This is another addition to the Babel series, because so much can be interpreted out of this concept.  This one is about man's insatiable endeavor to live as long as possible on Earth, knowing when they die they cannot take their worldly possessions with them into the afterlife.  Now it's human nature to want to… Continue reading Babel 3: Timechasers


Babel II

Here is another rendition of BABEL (from the earlier post "Babel") . This one involves large masses of people scrambling upon one another to reach the top, becoming a human Tower of Babel. Much clamor, confusion, anger, and fear ensues in this struggle, which is the literal symbol of the titular structure. You can read… Continue reading Babel II



This is actually based on the Bible story in the book of Genesis about the people trying to build a tower high enough to reach the heavens, more for their own selfish gain than for God; to stop them He put a spell on their tongues so that everyone is talking to each other in… Continue reading Babel