Portrait of an Artist 3: Vincent Van Gogh

One of my first major influences of the Masters of Art was none other than Vincent Van Gogh. ¬†The name should be very familiar to you; it is also, sadly, synonymous with the term “starving artist.”

Website lookup 6: The Art of Andrew Jones

Android Jones (real name Andrew Jones) is an artist whose mastery of digital illustration is insane as Lady Gaga’s latest fashion statement (perhaps she was one of his inspirations for his oevure ). He started out as concept… Read More

Website lookup 4: DAVID CHOE

Korean American artist David Choe is quite a character. ¬†Originally a street artist who wandered the streets of Los Angeles spraying images of giant buck-toothed whale (which is now his trademark) he now has a track record of… Read More

Portrait of An Artist: Picasso

Finally some tribute portraits. This here is of the true father of modern art, the enigmatic Pablo Picasso. It is him to whom I owe the most for my current artistic endeavors (next to God, of course He… Read More