Tears of Blood

For some strange reason I have a morbid fetish for eyes crying bloody red. Β Of course the expression is not all too uncommon; you'd often hear that as reference to the extreme degree of anguish a person goes through, or when someone is working themselves to near death to try and achieve a dream. Β Nowadays… Continue reading Tears of Blood

The Monster Inside Me

The Monster Inside Me: Rage

I admit, I am not the most patient girl in the world. I am easily annoyed, irritated, agitated, tired, frustrated, bored, angered...well you get the idea. Back in the grade school days I used to just unleash the monster upon the unfortunate bystanders when I get poked with the spears (and there is no end… Continue reading The Monster Inside Me: Rage


Sketch Diary 9: When It Rains…

  Just what I'm feeling right about now. Β With all the dump life throws my way and not feeling sorry about it. I think lot of people might feel the same way at about this time of the year, the holidays for some is not so jolly. Hopefully you readers don't feel this way...