The End of The Dream

The idea for this project came from the track by Lincoln Park "WISDOM, JUSTICE, & LOVE" from the A THOUSAND SUNS album. Β It revolves around a speech made by Martin Luther King Jr. (for lyrics and actual music go toΒ www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/linkinpark/wisdomjusticeandlove.htmlΒ  Listen closely to the track and you can hear how it progresses down to dark,… Continue reading The End of The Dream


The Radiance

This piece was inspired by a track from Linkin Park's "A Thousand Suns" titled "the Radiance" in which it is a clip of an old interview with the renowned phycisist Robert Oppenheimer, who was responsible for creating mankind's greatest destruction force- the atomic bomb. Β In the clip Oppie likened himself to a Hindu deity Vishnu… Continue reading The Radiance


The Rising Tide

When I was composing this image I had in mind the song "The Catalyst" by LINKIN Park, from their album A THOUSAND SUNS. God bless us everyone We're a broken people living under loaded gun And it can't be out fought, it can't be outdone It can't be outmatched, it can't be outrun, no God… Continue reading The Rising Tide



I am a huge fan of LINKIN PARK. Their music and the lyrics in many ways resonates with me mentally and spiritually. I can feel the angst and anxiety in most of their songs, a reflection of my often troubled state of being. Their last three albums dealt with chaos and unrest of a world… Continue reading Requiem