Introducing the bi-monthly variety arts zine.

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This is not your ordinary art magazine.  We are not a big fancy company.  We don’t have a nice office or fancy equipment.  We are a rag tag team of dreamers, slackers, geeks, nerds, maniacs, you name it.  What we do have in common is our love for art and the never-ending drive to make art as we hell darn please.  We started this zine as a way to share our labors of love with you.  No rules, no restrictions, no bureaucracy.  We are 100% independently run and that’s just how we like it.  So may you good readers enjoy this zine and love it as much as we did putting it together, and if you be so kind to spread the word about our meekly existence so that we can gain more energy points to make more, much much appreciated!

The t@LLHAUZ Crew autographs.

The digital issues are available for very limited time, so grab a copy while it’s available. (We may provide past issues in the future but at a price. We need to live too you know)