“Style is often something that ties the artist down and makes him look at things in one particular way, the same technique, the same formulas, year after year, sometimes for a whole lifetime…However I always thrash about rather wildly.  I am a bit of a tramp.  You can see me at this moment, but I have already changed, I am already somewhere else.  I can never be tied down, and that is why I have no style.”  -Pablo Picasso

The artist’s heart is free and restless, not one to be tied down to one single style, subject, or materials.  This was the belief of one of the greatest Modern Art Masters of our time, and it has enabled him to produce a large oeuvre of works in various styles and techniques, many that are innovative and original for his time and that still influences contemporary artists today.

I share in his sentiment; I too am a restless little tramp.  Not the one to pay attention or sit still, and acting on impulse.  Almost always I begin without much thought, just by spontaneous actions, and then once I’m calmed down I’ll think carefully about what is in front of me and work on the process.

I let my heart and mind guide my hands and put no limits to what I explore and the tools and resources at hand.  I am inspired by the vast world of ideas and issues that are important to me, be it social, political, or cultural, borrowing visual references from various sources to express my ideas and tell stories, including literature, history, mythologies, religion, and other artists besides Picasso such as Van Gogh, Basquiat, Haring, to name a few.

Because of my restless nature my work appears random and inconsistent.  I spend one minute on one piece, and I must move on to new piece soon after.  If I manage to catch a break then I go back and rework the previous piece.  It’s my way to clear my mind of endless ideas and imaginations that flood it.

I am constantly in search for new ideas, techniques, and envision my works in many different forms.  I want to expand further, even into other fields of art I hadn’t tried yet, such as sculpture and video art.  I plan to reproduce my past images into large scale paintings or form a series on one theme or issue, especially those that interest me deeply.


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