2013 Charcoal on Bristol 17x14

Charcoal on Bristol

This image shows five viewpoints of my outcry, intertwined in chaotic motions like a massive storm. It’s just how I feel when I am at the worst.

I’ll be honest. I am an ordinary girl that draws extraordinary dirty pictures. If you saw me you wouldn’t believe I could draw and paint such horrendous pictures.

I know because I’ve gotten that reaction from people in reality.

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First Images – Vanity 8

To kick start, I share with you series of self-portrait sketch exercises using different medium per sketch, for total of eight.  (Not to be self-centered here, but I can’t afford to pay models and besides the hardest part of an artist’s work is drawing one’s self.)  Seeing that it’s been three years since I really drew anything I feel I’ve gotten pretty rusty, and I wanted to reacquaint myself with the old school tools of the trade.

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Welcome to my humble grounds for all things art.  I look forward to sharing all my creations with the world.