But The Hands That Holdeth…

"Guns don't kill people, people kill people."  That is a true statement, after all guns can't shoot itself.  It's all about who holds the trigger.  Now this does not mean everyone who own guns are murderers and should be punished, there are justifiable reasons every person has to carry guns (be it the need to… Continue reading But The Hands That Holdeth…


Fear Not The Gun

Seriously, another shooting in the U.S.?! And that tallies up to 18 cases, in less than two months since 2018 started. Wow. And yet our government will still not do a THING about it. Why? Because they are at the mercy of the very people that put them in their seats: the NRA. Money certainly… Continue reading Fear Not The Gun


Iron Sakura: The Comic

Hey everyone! As promised I bring you the Iron Sakura comic that I made over ten years ago (yes, ten years!).  It was at a time I was deeply involved in all things manga and anime, and aspired to be a comic artist or work in the video games industry.  That dream is now but… Continue reading Iron Sakura: The Comic


Iron Sakura – A Visit to the Past

Some time ago I was digging through some old stuff from college days and I came across this: It was one of my early forays into comic art while I was still college.  This was a character design artwork for one of the original comics I had produced to present at portfolio pieces.  I had… Continue reading Iron Sakura – A Visit to the Past

Work in Progress

Biohazard Test

Another session with metal and acid. These are more for testing purposes as I was still figuring out how to work with acid and stencil.  The one on the right, the skull one, is more simplistic except for the teeth, that took some work.  The left one was more complex job, as there were lot… Continue reading Biohazard Test

Video doc, Work in Progress

Rusty Selfie Video

I've uploaded the video process of the Rusty Selfie image I've done in the previous post.  Have a look. https://youtu.be/a2Pm7_1p844


Rusty Selfie

My first selfie of the year. I'm trying something new here. I am taking the ultimate acid trip (not what you think, as you shall soon see). I've gotten some scrap sheet metal from dad's workshop and stenciled the shapes with tape and Xacto knife. Afterwards, this was the scary part, I sprayed some muriatic… Continue reading Rusty Selfie


Lost in the Echo : In Memory of Chester Bennington

Here to kick off my first entry of 2018, a piece I completed back in late 2017, to commemorate the untimely passing of one of my favorite artists: The title refers to the track "Lost In The Echo" from Linkin Park's LIVING THINGS album. Because it was so sudden and so unexpected when the news… Continue reading Lost in the Echo : In Memory of Chester Bennington


New Year Same Purpose

2018 has arrived. Time to get busy. I'm not going to get into detail about the past year, I'm sure it's all been said by bunch of other guys and gals, and I'll probably agree with about a half of them. Mostly the bad stuff, you know what I mean. Now I'm going to direct… Continue reading New Year Same Purpose


t.@.L.L. Log 10-3-17 : Having Fun with Fonts

Hello, it's been a while since I last posted anything here. As mentioned I'm on break from painting but I've kept myself busy on other projects.  One of them I'll explain here:  font creation! Yes, I've gotten into creating my own fonts, and it's amazing how easy it is. This friendly tutorial takes you step… Continue reading t.@.L.L. Log 10-3-17 : Having Fun with Fonts