Lost in the Echo : In Memory of Chester Bennington

Here to kick off my first entry of 2018, a piece I completed back in late 2017, to commemorate the untimely passing of one of my favorite artists: The title refers to the track "Lost In The Echo" from Linkin Park's LIVING THINGS album. Because it was so sudden and so unexpected when the news… Continue reading Lost in the Echo : In Memory of Chester Bennington


New Year Same Purpose

2018 has arrived. Time to get busy. I'm not going to get into detail about the past year, I'm sure it's all been said by bunch of other guys and gals, and I'll probably agree with about a half of them. Mostly the bad stuff, you know what I mean. Now I'm going to direct… Continue reading New Year Same Purpose


t.@.L.L. Log 10-3-17 : Having Fun with Fonts

Hello, it's been a while since I last posted anything here. As mentioned I'm on break from painting but I've kept myself busy on other projects.Β  One of them I'll explain here:Β  font creation! Yes, I've gotten into creating my own fonts, and it's amazing how easy it is. This friendly tutorial takes you step… Continue reading t.@.L.L. Log 10-3-17 : Having Fun with Fonts


Battle of the Bulge!

These days watching Trump and North Korea's leader Kim John in duking it out at each other is like a bad comedic duel between Abbott and Costello. Or Penn and teller. Or Harry and Lloyd. I could go on. But it's still no laughing matter when they've got their fat little fingers on a weapon… Continue reading Battle of the Bulge!


t.@.L.L. Update

I'm going to take a break away from painting for the rest of this year so I can focus more on my graphic novel and another creative venture: zine making. I've just recently came across the scene and it gave me great idea that most of what I've drawn here so far can translate well… Continue reading t.@.L.L. Update


Reach Up

A poem and image of inspiration, according to me, of course. Β When you're feeling low and feel like there's no hope, there's one way to reach for. I wrote the poem. I've written some poems in the past and have even featured them here, but I'm no Shakespeare.


t.@.L.L. LOG 8-18-17

A few months ago I took a jab at the Zazzle business putting some of my art as prints for t shirts and the like, cause I found some of my art looked pretty cool on the shirts. I had several mockups here: Unfortunately I got 'arrested' by the Zazzle Thought Police because it violated… Continue reading t.@.L.L. LOG 8-18-17


t.@.L.L. LOG 8-2-17

Man oh man this hot and humid weather has me ducking for cover for the cooler. I don't know I said this before but I'll say it again, I loathe Hot Weather. And you add humidity to the mix, curse you weather gods! πŸ˜₯😝😝πŸ˜₯ That aside, I was given a suggestion to paint over the… Continue reading t.@.L.L. LOG 8-2-17

graphic novel


https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MXHCLXX I want to introduce my newest graphic novel, TEARS OF RED. This was a dream project I have been working on since 2007 and yes it's taken quite a long time. Β I've talked about this in the past posts and I now bring to your attention that I have published it via Amazon Kindle,… Continue reading TEARS OF RED Vol. 1



Yesterday I was quite shocked to hear the news of the sudden passing of Chester Bennington, the lead vocal for the rock band Linkin Park. I had been a big fan of the group since their debut single "In the End" aired and led me to buy their first album HYBRID THEORY.  To date I… Continue reading IN MEMORIAM: LINKIN PARK’S CHESTER BENNINGTON