Why I Decided to Join the Army in High School?? (Finale)

Whoa! And you thought I forgot about this tale, right? No I gotta finish it, not even this cold of mine shall keep me from the duty like a soldier–
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Why I Decided to Join the Army in High School?? (2nd Act)

Continuing from last post…

So after the recruiter got me down on my fours with a collar around my neck I began making all these plans of all the things I would do while in the army. At senior year I signed up for the JROTC class, for I learned I can start my military career one grade above Private level if I was in the class. They issued uniforms that I would wear once a week, not the green and black field ones (that I’d have to wait for second semester).

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Why I Decided to Join the Army in High School??

As noted in the last post The Veteran, there was one point in my life that I had strongly desired to join the organization where you can be all that you can be. Yes it’s the familiar slogan of the good old United States Army.

Now why the hell did I want to join the military, of all places, for a dumb art junkie gal like me?

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Why I Decided to Become A Visual Artist (Strike Three!)

Ok I’ll try to finish this topic once and for all…

So long long story short, I am not the type of gal to be someone else’s workhorse. I know that sounds jerky of me, but it’s not my temperament. I tried, believe me, but it’s awful lot of pressure and exhausting to the nth degree. I have a lot going on in my mind, but I can’t afford to sacrifice them to please the big guys all the time. It seems like that’s all I ever have done my whole life, but that is another story…

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Why I Decided to Become A Visual Artist (Take 2)

So why did I want to be a visual artist again?

Well before I made this hardcore decision, there was a time not too long ago that I wanted to be another kind of artist: the kind that comes with regular salary and health insurance and a 401k. I had aspired to be a concept artist, you know, those people who draw up costumes and sets and scenes for video games and movies and such. I was so into video games and movies, and when I heard they had jobs where you get to draw cool game characters and the like I was excited.

But boy, oh, boy, I couldn’t have been so naive and so stupid….

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