t.@.L.L.HAUZ Cast of Characters – Ellex Deux

Just a Simple Guy trying to Middle along in the World…


DOB: July 4, 2018

Height: 4”

Weight: Average

Eyes: Brown, but you rarely see them because it’s hidden under his thick black hood.

Hair: Don’t know, he never takes off the hood

Appearance:  wears nothing but black, head to toe, prefers hoodies, has pale skin because he’s always covered, has reddish tear streak coming from his eyes (it is said that once he looked up to the sun and it burned out his eyes which caused it to bleed)

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: Unknown

Ellex Deux is a mystery.  He keeps to himself, does not like to talk with others, even when he is in a group meeting.  He just sits in his place listening to other people’s dabbles and never bothers to convey his own opinions or ideas.  If you gave him a plate of poo to eat he would eat that no question asked.  I’m not kidding.

ED is passive to his surroundings and his position.  He lives life like Que Sera Sera, whatever will be, it will be.  He has no desire to try and change the situation and just accepts them for what they are and how they play out. He is quite adaptable, and he knows how to work his way around to suit his needs without changing the obstacles. 

t.@.L.L.HAUZ Cast of Characters – Anna Kiss

The Acolyte for Rebellion


DOB: June 6, 2019

Height: 4”

Weight: Skinny

Eyes: Blue, but always hidden beneath her gas mask

Hair: Shaved

Appearance:  Bald, always wearing gas mask with a bright red lipstick over a white letter A on the voicemitter, white tank shirt, Grey shorts, grey shoes

Likes: To be Free

Dislikes: Norms, rules, labels, restrictions, people trying to control other people

The name ANNA KISS is derived from the word ANARCHIST.

Anna Kiss sounds like a female name, right?  But this individual prefers to be non-binary, neither male or female.  They do not believe in labels or classifications.  They are just a person, a human being, made equal to and not greater or lesser than another.

Anna Kiss does not believe in the System.  She believes they are flawed and easily manipulated.  Every person should live as they see fit, as they had in the Prehistoric Ages.  No rules, no restrictions, no boundaries,no law, no order.  Humans are freewheeling, selfish beings and therefore cannot rule over or be ruled over by other humans.  

Taking a New Direction…

Does this picture make me look fat? 🙂

In 2013 I decided to make art. And for the next 5 years I fiddled around and experimented with different styles, subjects, and materials, trying to make sense of what kind of artist I wanted to be. Before in college I had put much of my focus on a career path in the creative industry, such as film, animation, comics, and video games. But since none of my endeavors have been fruitful, being still stuck in the rock and a hard place, and a period of existential crisis ultimately led me to realize that being a working artist is not the path I can, or want to be. It occurred to me that making art for ME, not for someone else, was what really made me happy and fulfilled, and it took a giant leap of faith to accept that I will never bear any Benny fruits out of my art and to simply make art for art’s sake.

So 2013 was the start of that journey. And I can honestly say I felt more accomplished as an artist than I ever felt when I was in college. Throwing away any kind of limitations and conformities, I made art of all shapes and sizes and styles, imbuing my inner thoughts and feelings in every stroke of a brush or pencils or whatever medium I chose. Along the way I’ve pursued several exhibition opps in my area, as well as documenting my processes and keeping records of my works on and offline (this blog site being one of them).

It is now 2021. After few years of hiatuses caused by personal emergencies and the worldwide pandemic we known as the COVID19, I’ve come to a fork on the road, and have made a conscious decision to take my art into a new direction. I’ve been inspired by a recent exposure to the “lowbrow art” and the social media to take a small step back to the old days when I had dreamed of working in animation and comics. In my spare time I would be creating my own characters most of them based on my personalities with the hopes of starring them in a major production. But having been disillusioned by the lack of progress and discontented with all the obstacles and loopholes I’d have to cross I had no choice but to bury my creations. Recently I have been creating characters again and setting up for new series of works around them. I may have told you about this in one of my previous post but here it is ICYMI. It is good to be back here again after too long of leaving it in the dust and I am so anxious to share with you my new work. Be sure to stay tuned as I slowly unveil my new work and any potential new endeavors that will follow.

Until then, stay safe and happy!

t.@.L.L.HAUZ Cast of Characters – IKARU


DOB:  January 1, 2018

Height: 4”

Weight: Average

Eyes: Brown, but you don’t see it because she’s always wears glasses that hides it

Hair: Black with white bang

Appearance: Tan colored hoodie, red shirt, blue jeans, white sneakers, carries red backpack, has two tiny wings on each side of the shoulder

Likes: Dreaming, drawing, singing, booze

Dislikes: Her wings (because it can’t fly)

IKARU’s name comes from the Greek mythological anti-hero Icarus, who was the son of artist Daedalus.  One day Daedalus made a pair of wings out of feathers and wax and gave it to Icarus, who then attempted to fly up to the heavens, only for the wax to melt away when he got too close to the son, which then sends the young man plummeting to his doom.

Unbeknownst to most people, Ikaru is a descendant of the mysterious half-mortal half-god species called the Nephilim.  In the Bible book of Genesis during the early days of Man, the angels of God left their heavenly posts to marry the mortal women on earth, and between them spawned a being of unusual size and strength.  Some time later God sent down the Great Flood to wipe out all humanity save for one righteous man Noah and his family.  All living things perished in that flood, even the Nephilim.  But few have managed to survive and have since lived in total isolation to avoid any unwanted attention from outsiders.

It is for this reason Ikaru has a pair of tiny wings, with the bloodline of the Nephilim in her body.  Sadly the wings do not work and this has been a major source of sorrow for her.  

Ikaru is often found sleeping because she drinks lots of booze which is her way of coping with her sorrows.  And while she sleeps she has vivid dreams, some with deep meanings which she would later draw in her notebook which she calls it Dream Book.  Ikaru likes to stay in her dreams because that is where she gets to fly with giant wings across the colorful dreamscape, and she can avoid facing the harsh gray realities of the waking world.


I apologize for the prolonged lack of activity on this blog. I’ve been busy settling down in my new full time job and trying to get everything together, but it is utter chaos right now, both physically and mentally. I will one day sit down and refresh this blog. Meantime you can check out other activities I got going on my social media channels==>