t.@.L.L. Log 10-3-17 : Having Fun with Fonts

Hello, it’s been a while since I last posted anything here.

As mentioned I’m on break from painting but I’ve kept myself busy on other projects.  One of them I’ll explain here:  font creation!

Yes, I’ve gotten into creating my own fonts, and it’s amazing how easy it is.

This friendly tutorial takes you step by step of making your own font sets using Adobe Illustrator and FontForge, a free open-source font generating program.  Many props to the writer, Mary Winkler, who designed this tut:


Now onto few screenshots of my latest endeavor:


As the above text reads, my first and newest font creation is titled MANGO! In honor of my cute feathery friend of the same name who gives me joy and headache on daily basis.

Try it, you’ll like it!

t.@.L.L. LOG 8-18-17

A few months ago I took a jab at the Zazzle business putting some of my art as prints for t shirts and the like, cause I found some of my art looked pretty cool on the shirts. I had several mockups here:

Unfortunately I got ‘arrested’ by the Zazzle Thought Police because it violated their content policy of using copyrighted materials (but I had painted these myself; I didn’t Photoshop it or anything like that). Oh well I blame myself for not thoroughly researching the site and their terms (I never liked to do thorough research of anything, I’m a skimmer, if you know what I’m saying). I know I had posted these mockups on Instagram and Facebook but I won’t be able to really sell these (not through Zazzle, at least). Guess I’ll have to find my own printer who won’t give me a headache about what I can and cannot put on my t shirts. And I’ll be deleting the current contents on the site and not work on them anymore for the time being.

That’s all I have to say for now. Have good weekend folks. Peace.

Man oh man this hot and humid weather has me ducking for cover for the cooler. I don’t know I said this before but I’ll say it again, I loathe Hot Weather. And you add humidity to the mix, curse you weather gods! 😥😝😝😥

That aside, I was given a suggestion to paint over the ONE NATION UNDER GUN image, at least the bulleted parts. They were stickers of bullet holes you’d put on the car so it looked like your car got the Bonnie & Clyde treatment, and I was told it’s be better if they were hand painted instead. So I did just that, painted over the stickers with acrylic so there won’t be any cheaply effect to the bullet holes:

One nation under gun

That aside, I decided to produce another flag, this time based on our current dim witted government’s arguments that climate change is a hoax and America needs to get back into the coal mining biz, which is now well under way once President Dump withdrew our mighty country out of the planet-saving Paris Accord few months ago. Instead of painting it, I used a more mix-media technique combining spray paint, newsprint paper, blow torch, and ground charcoal (the cooking kind, of course) and get down and dirty with it. I plan to call this THE CHAR-SPANGLED BANNER. (It’s a major shame I didn’t video this one, it was actually pretty cool how the process went. Oh well next time I guess 😑):

Char SPANGLED banner

Enter a caption

I’m sudging out the fifty stars into a muddy blurred mess, to suggest the toxicity of coal and its danger to the environment, and should our government stubbornly cling on to this pile of black crap America will no longer be known as “The Beautiful” but “The Pitiful.” Once it dries I’ll give a bit more touch up and call it done.

Happy Hump Day Everyone. 😎😎😎

t.@.L.L. LOG 6-12-17

This past weekend I began on a new mixed media project that is much larger than what I’m used to working on (I haven’t measured it out yet, but the biggest I’ve ever worked on previously was about 16×20, so this is lot bigger).  I had claimed some scrap wood from the backyard of my house when my dad was replacing the plywood of the patio roof earlier this year and it became my ambition to notch it up and work big, though still not as big as Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.  I have not really set a deadline for this new project, but again, I never have the need to set deadlines.

I have envisioned this new venture an extension of my previous drawing series BABEL which of course is based on the Bible story of  the titular tower, with a bit more 3D feel.  Basically it would be like a bas relief-like sculptural assemblage of all sorts of scraps and junk that comes my way.  There will be total of five panels, and they would symbolize the inner Tower of Babel we humans build for ourselves for our own glory and self-worth.  Each panel will be made up of different materials that represent the things we use to build our towers.  I just spent this past several days laying down the base for each of the five panels, and I’m still trying to figure out what next steps to take.  I might have to hunt for some more scraps, the one I’ve managed to amass won’t be enough, or it won’t really fit the big picture.  This is the first time I’ve ever bought a bucket (yes, a bucket) of gesso and some gel medium.

The first panel here as you can see has been layered with gesso, gel medium and scrap paper of all kinds.  This one is called “Knowledge” meaning how man tries to build himself up with all sorts of learning.  I initially thought of getting some old books and paste them up on the panel, but decided against it as 1) it would probably make it really heavy, and 2) I don’t know to where to begin looking for the books that best suit the project.  It’s not like I can steal from the library or an antique shop, much less buy a spankin’ new copy from Barnes & Noble.  I’ll just opt for crumples of newspaper and/or magazine pages, anything with text on it (I’m sure no one out there will be stupid enough to try and read them, right?)

Panel two below will be titled “Vanity Fair” as in man’s incessant nature to dress up with all kinds of pretty clothes and accessories to appear better looking than anybody else.  First layers are using old cloth and fabrics I dug up from around the house, and I’m looking for some more pieces to add on:

This next one will probably give you nightmares.  I had bought some blank masks and prop skeleton parts from (well, you can tell from the box in the pic 😉 and pasted them down with gel to represent how man will endeavor for power and prestige, but at a terrible cost with lots of blood.  I feel like I’ve seen something similar in a horror movie long time ago, I don’t know what and I don’t care, cause I don’t like horror movies:

Panel four uses lots of scrap metal, representing the structures of many buildings and skyscrapers that populate our earth.  It appears like man are constantly trying to outdo one another on who can build the tallest and/or the prettiest (take Dubai for example.  There are some ridiculous architecture in that small city).  My dad works as contractor building and installing air conditioners and ducts so there was no shortages of scrap metal and parts at his shop.  I then tried spraying some muriatic acid to rust up some of the metal pieces (word of advice, don’t ever spray the stuff indoors, I almost died from its toxic fumes):

I just realized I don’t have shot of the final panel, which is to represent man’s callousness toward the environment by ripping it apart for the natural resources such as coal and lumber.  I’ve become quite of an environmentalist as of late, how I came to that I’ll talk about it later.  So this is where I’ve come so far, I’ll be keeping post of the progress in days (or weeks, or months) to come

Today the wind blows outside that it’s hard to do any work.  Nothing like trying to keep your papers and pens from flying out of your sight or you’re painting and the gust of wind flips the paper upside down or throws crap on the wet surface.  I don’t know how long this wind is gonna blow it’s been three days now and im up at night listening to the rustle and tussle and occasional bangs like the roof is gonna get blown out.  So for now ill be working indoors on my graphic novel TEARS OF RED, you can see the first volume ebook out at Amazon  and ill soon be releasing the second volume next week.  Have a good weekend y’all, and peace.  ✌