Selfie 2020

And here it is, my first selfie of 2020

Acrylic on 8×10 canvas. The image was actually taken from the series of selfies I did back in 2017 when I partook in the 30 Days of Selfie Challenge (not really an official event, I made that up myself). And also I was kinda thinking about that recent film adaptation of the Broadway classic CATS ( which as expected bombed hard at the b.o. I always knew it wouldn’t translate well on screen). I think I might do another 30 Day Challenge this year to commemorate th start of a new decade. Stay tuned…


I hope you had a happy New Year!

I’ve added a new page to the t.@.L.L.ERIE section titled SELFIES. A gallery dedicated to all self portraits I have produced since 2013. I make at least one selfie a year using different styles and techniques as a way to challenge myself. Sometimes I may do more than one selfie in a year so check in often to see any new face in the gallery. And I will try to keep this site updated as often as possible. Here’s to busy and productive year 2020!