A New Year…



Hope you all gotten onto those new year resolutions, I know I am.  It’s good to be back in the studio after long holiday rush.  I’ll be sharing some new artwork diligently so keep posted!  Also hope you like the new layout of my website, there still needs work to be done but I’m getting there.

Have good day y’all!

A Resolution

Dear Readers,

Hey, its been over a year since I’ve started this thing called blogging as a way to,share my art ith the cyberspace. While I don’t nearly expect a million followers off the bat, I’m pleased with some nice responses for my work, and lets me kniw that my time and efforts i put on each piece of art are not in vain.
I’ve learned a lot since starting my journey into art two years ago,and I know I can learn even more in years to come, for as long as i can move my hands.  I decided to take the rest of this year off and take the time to renovate my blog, taking it into whole new direction like documenting my works in progress and share exactly how i work.  I also plan to proceed with other side projects outside of art and share them with you as well.
2015 is going to be a great year i can tell. By faith, not by facts, i know this.  And i know it will be for you all too.
Stay tuned for new developments, and i thank you all who follow me, i cannot go on without you.  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,  Happy Blogging!

The Artist as Lisa Lee


In anticipation for the Year of the Sheep in 2015

A little Time out…

Kinda hard to focus when your nose is clogged up and your throat if full is them gooey yellow gunks that gets you coughing to kingdom come. And a nice dose of them syrups to get you….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ………

KidRobots Invade Instagram!


So I joined the Instagram party recently, but the problem was, what was I going to put there??? At first I thought some select art from this site, but that seemed kinda dull.
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A Comeback

Yes after a long summer R&R I am so ready to get back.  Tune in from next week for new stuff from the artist.  Hope you all had good summer, i did (except for the heat, i hate the heat man!) See you real soon…


Why so serious bro?

Dear Readers…

Dear Readers,

After much thought and contemplation I’ve decided to take a break for the upcoming summer. I won’t be posting new art for time being, for reason that I got piles of unfinished art and those that I have yet to start and are just sitting in my head or on a notebook. There’s also couple of side projects I’ve put off way way too long and would really like to pick it up again. I am pretty happy with what i’ve accomplished thus far, though they were mostly studies and experiments I learned a great deal out of it and its given me more clearer vision of my future journey as an artist. I’ll still post random thoughts and sketches from time to time, and it’s come to me that I need to start revamping this website and make it more organized and readable. When that will happen is anyone’s guess. ^^; I’m so bad at organizing; it’s the ADD I tell you.
Thanks to all who’ve kindly chosen to follow my humble blog and ‘like’ my posts, sorry I’m so bad with replies and comment backs i don’t deserve your love. Please do look forward to future works ill be sharing with you when the summer is over. You won’t be sorely disappointed.

Have great week everyone!

Love, Lisa.


I just realized…

I didn’t add any new art yesterday! Ugh I’ve been feeling rather blah this week. Things have gone out of order…will get back to regularly scheduled program soon…

September News


A bit of update about my blog

To make viewings of my posts and images easier I have set up new menus above by categories. To view images of the category of interest just check on the menu. I am constantly working to improve my site to make it easier to enjoy for everyone. And also I’m still pretty new to WordPress so I’m like tinkering around learning… ^^;

I’d like to thank all those that have followed my blog and liked my posts so far since I’ve joined, I am touched by your love. I’ll be sure to keep putting more new stuff for you to enjoy. Have a wonderful week!

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