“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”  That is a true statement, after all guns can’t shoot itself.  It’s all about who holds the trigger.  Now this does not mean everyone who own guns are murderers and should be punished, there are justifiable reasons every person has to carry guns (be it the need to protect and serve, for retribution, for self-defense, and such), and I respect them for it.  But people have little or no sense of self-control, and that is the problem.

So beware these people that carry the guns:

The Police


The Military Man


The G-Men (or the government agents, those is black suits)


The Hobbyist (those who go hunting or target practice regularly)


The Criminals (burglars, terrorists (not only limited to ISIS), extremists, etc.)




Senior citizens (particularly the hard-edged veterans, because your mind do get cloudy with age)


The Mental Patient (schizos, OCDs, bipolars, you name it)


The Scorned Woman (cause, Hell Hath No Fury Like The Woman Scorned)


The Outcast (including but not limited to freaks and geeks)


The Baby (yes, you read that right.  Because babies they like to get their little hands on everything)


Now if you believe I missed something, or you don’t agree with what I have here, feel free to discuss.  Just don’t bring your gun.  😉

Have nice weekend.


Seriously, another shooting in the U.S.?!

And that tallies up to 18 cases, in less than two months since 2018 started.


And yet our government will still not do a THING about it.


Because they are at the mercy of the very people that put them in their seats: the NRA.

Money certainly is powerful.

Now that’s out of the way, back to the real purpose of this post.

You probably heard this phrase one way too many times: “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”  While there is some truth to that statement, after all guns can’t pull its own trigger, we have to understand the kind of people that gets their hands on them.  And that there my friend is the real problem.  Hence the phrase “fear not the GUN, but the HANDS that holdem.”

Exactly who? you say.  That dear is for another post.

Have good day, and stay safe.  It’s a mad bad world out there.

Lost in the Echo : In Memory of Chester Bennington

Here to kick off my first entry of 2018, a piece I completed back in late 2017, to commemorate the untimely passing of one of my favorite artists:


14×17 Mixed Media on Bristol. 2017

The title refers to the track “Lost In The Echo” from Linkin Park’s LIVING THINGS album. Because it was so sudden and so unexpected when the news broke out. There were so much more to achieve, so much more life to live and share with others around the world. I guess that’s what depression can do to you; one day everything seemed fine, the next boom! it hits you so hard you just can’t handle it and take the most extreme measure possible to end it. I know I’ve felt that way many times in my life when I was struggling with depression, but thankfully I’m still here by the grace of God. I wished that Chester had the same luck.

I regret not having gone to more of their concerts, I was actually planning to go to the most recent ones just several months ago before the news broke, and all the events got cancelled. But that doesn’t mean I won’t go to their future shows even if the band were to get a replacement. I still support them 100% and believe they will deliver like they always used to. I will miss Chester’s powerful raspy voice though.

Here’s to you Chester and Linkin Park.

Reach Up


A poem and image of inspiration, according to me, of course.  When you’re feeling low and feel like there’s no hope, there’s one way to reach for.

I wrote the poem. I’ve written some poems in the past and have even featured them here, but I’m no Shakespeare.

For some strange reason I have a morbid fetish for eyes crying bloody red.  Of course the expression is not all too uncommon; you’d often hear that as reference to the extreme degree of anguish a person goes through, or when someone is working themselves to near death to try and achieve a dream.  Nowadays there is plenty of reasons to be shedding tears of blood: the slumping economy, the continually fading paths to the American Dream, the fears of war and death inching closer to our doorsteps, and politics.  Now I’m not going to get in on the last part, I’ll be crying bloody tears ranting out every nook and crannies of all that’s going wrong right now.