Red Tape: See, Hear, Speak

Continuing on my 'Red Tape' series, this one was pretty fun to do- See No Evil. Hear No Evil. Speak No Evil. I'm sure you've heard that expression many times.  Interestingly, this line originated as a proverb from the ancient Japanese culture in religion and philosophy, first appearing as pictoral maxim that appears in form … Continue reading Red Tape: See, Hear, Speak

The Wolfing

And speaking of wolves... There is a werewolf in all of us. No, not a literal werewolf like you see in the cheesy B-horror movies where the full moon rises and someone grows hair and fangs and start rushing out on a bloody rampage across town.  However, it's the last part that's sad but true- … Continue reading The Wolfing

The Wolf on the Web

You know the familiar phrase "a wolf in sheep's clothing." Figuratively speaking it refers to an evildoer who disguises himself as a friend to deceive his prey.  Sometimes it's hard to see past its disguise, even if he's right next to you.  How much harder to spot it online, where the wolf can take on … Continue reading The Wolf on the Web

Monsters All Around Me

This piece started out with me taking up my kitchen torch that I used to use for caramelizing sugar on the creme brulee(yum) and burning random holes all over the cardboard.  It didn't burn out very well, just left a gaping hole showing the cardboard ridges beneath the smooth surface.  As I stared down at … Continue reading Monsters All Around Me

NIMW (Not In My Womb)

The title of this image is sort of a pun on another well known acronym NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard). The famous Roe va. Wade case in the 80s that rocked the nation declared it unconstitutional to forbid a woman from getting an abortion.  But the matter lingers to this day, and it's one … Continue reading NIMW (Not In My Womb)


X. Y. And now Generation Z has arrived. They are considered the direct contemporaries of the Millenials, who are well versed in the languages of technology and cyberspace, and their social and political views shaped by post 9/11 events such as the Arab Spring, terrorist attacks throughout the globe, the Great Recession, the reawakening Cold … Continue reading Z

In Between 

Do you trust everything you see, hear, or say? You turn on the news, open up the newspaper, surf around the web, and pick up a conversation among friends or strangers. You see all sorts of stories being told in many different ways, sometimes it's all about the one single subject, being spun in millions … Continue reading In Between 

Pieta 2

Pieta is a Christian symbol often associated with a Mother Mary carrying the body of Jesus Christ in her lap, a poignant story of a mother mourning the loss of her child.  Pieta can be associated with lots of things outside of Christian context.  In any circumstances a loss of an innocent life due to … Continue reading Pieta 2

Snakes On My Mind

As promised my first art post since finishing up the summer slumber: We all dream at nights while in comfort of our beds.  Lots of times I'd have dreams I can't remember for life of me the next morning.  Or there are dreams that are so vivid it's still like fresh off the press throughout … Continue reading Snakes On My Mind


   Do you remember in your teenage years when you'd look in your mirror and see those icky snow-capped red bumps spread all over your face? And how you'd try to rid of them by squeezing out those gross yellow gunk and you're left with crater like scars that would take years or worse never … Continue reading Scars