Battle of the Bulge!


These days watching Trump and North Korea’s leader Kim John in duking it out at each other is like a bad comedic duel between Abbott and Costello. Or Penn and teller. Or Harry and Lloyd. I could go on.

But it’s still no laughing matter when they’ve got their fat little fingers on a weapon that can obliterate all of humanity. Oh, the horror, the horror…

This idea just popped in my head spontaneously and I knew had to scrawl it down before the flame flickered out. I decided to keep it minimally simple as sometimes less is more. Also these two don’t deserve my time for the glorious detailing.

Have good weekend folks. 🤗

Cartoon of the Day : When the World Lies on Your Head…

Yep That’s how I feel pretty much about every day.  

Happy Friday. 

Cartoon of the Day #2 : Great Expectations [Gone Bad]

Has this ever happened to you?