DA Revival

Back in May I resurrected by dormant DeviantArt page (http://deviantart.com) and started making fan art again, sort of a step back from what I’m currently doing, just because I needed a break and wanted to play around. Before long I began getting requests from users online and I’ve happily obliged, giving me opportunity to expand my artistic reach and to explore other styles and techniques I have not tried before or had but since gave it up. And I admit I’ve gotten lot better handle of different drawing styles and medium (largely sticking to pen and markers, some occasional watercolor too). Still pondering if I’m gonna eventually start charging for these requests, though I think it’s still illegal to make money off of someone else’s work, even if I’m not directly copying it.

I may post some of the works I’ve done in the past couple months here another time, but meanwhile you can check out my DA page where it all is, along with some past works from way back. I’ve also changed my ID there to fit with the rest of my current brand, a part of a new beginning. My page is http://deviantart.com/atallgirl. I might come back to talk about my past stint with DA at a later time, so stay tuned. Have a great week!

YouTube Channel back up and running…

Hi everyone from the grave…(j/k but it has been quite a while since I’ve last posted anything here.)

I have relaunched my YT channel, a t.@L.L.GIRL and will be adding videos on a semi regular basis, depending on how much content I’m able to put together. My YT name is ataallgirl.

I will put the link here. There is also the Social menu above and below this site with the YT icon which you can click on to direct to the channel.

I hope you will show support by subscribing to the channel and comment on the content. And I will do my best to bring lot of cool stuff there and beyond.

Have a great weekend!

YouTube Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGnVs-RPumDHycERfwyNAMg

t.@.L.L.HAUZ #2 is Here!

#2 of The bi-monthly art zine is out!

Be sure to have the latest version of Adobe Reader, as it is a pdf file.

Keep a sharp eye for new issue on the 13th of every two months starting now. It’s available only for limited time so grab it while you can!

Peace and Love to you all!

t.@.L.L. Now on Youtube!

I have launched a Youtube channel! This is the link:

EDIT (5-7-19) I’ve decided to delay production to my Youtube channel, so I’ve taken down the link. I will post update on when I will actually get it up online as soon as I can get me $#!@ together (sorry for the language, but life has not been kind to me lately and I’ve had to put lot of things on hold. On the bright side, it’s allowed me to rethink my plans and make necessary adjustments so things are more manageable for now and for future).

Hope to start blogging here again soon like before!

t.@.L.L.HAUZ is Now Online!

I’ve added a new panel on the front page. The bi-monthly art zine is finally ready to come out!

All you need is the latest version of Adobe Reader, as it is a pdf file.

It’s available only for limited time so grab it while you can!

Peace and Love to you all!

Coming soon: t.@.L.L.HAUZ!

I am producing a bi-monthly arts variety zine that features many of the stuff you have seen on this website thus far, as well as some new content, including a serialized comic. For now I’m making it available online to download for free, but there is an expiration date. I also plan to make physical prints of the issues and distribute to local bookstores and fairs.

Coming soon you will find a new section on this website for the zine. Stay tuned!


Sometimes life throws you lemons. Sometimes it throws in tons.

I’ve hit yet another roadblock.

About three months before 2019 I made a cautious decision to quit my part time job as a graphic artist for a small firm to focus fulltime on my fledgling art career. I carefully laid out my plan for the next six months or so as to how I would set up my artist studio and promote it via Youtube and other social media and find funding for it either by crowdfunding or applying for grants. I thought I had it all figured out and for the first few months of the new year it was going pretty smoothly.

Then there comes the derailment.

Both my parents have, ended up at the hospital for pneumonia my mother being the worst off and being held in ICU, and the prognosis is not so good.

Once again I will have to put everything on hold.

Life can be such a b!@# sometimes you know.

But by now I’m used to all these interruptions, and I’ve accepted my station, and will make the most out of it.

Perhaps this is another way of telling me that I need to grow some more before I can finally take that giant leap forward into my dream.

Think about it. Van Gogh didn’t make it big until he was dead. Surely I can avoid that exact fate. ^^;

Selfie 2019

As it is my custom to create one selfie every year I made one using stencil method on a sheet metal with gold flakes.


Now I used the flakes that come in those teeny tiny vials (about 8 of them) and found they’re not really suitable because there were far more fine dust than there were flakes.  And even the flakes were pretty crumpled up and did not spread easily.  Next time I know, I paid special attention to the beautiful smile on the face so that I could title this “Selfie With A Big Golden Smile.”  😉

New Look!

Hi There!

I’ve finally got around to remodeling my site.  It’s still WIP but so far looking good.

Lots of cool stuff happening this year.  Promise.

Stay tuned!



As I mentioned a gazillion times in the last posts I will be working on a brand new venture with my art.  For starters I will be renovating this website top to bottom.

Stay tuned when my site will come back online soon with brand new spankin look.  And for more news to come.


Life Can Be a B!@# …

Me after working my brains off…

Its 2018, I’m about 14 months from hitting my 4th milestone of life, and in looking back and…what the hell has happened to me?

Its been 13 years since I left college with such high hopes and dreams for my future, but here I am, still living in my parents house, no career, and barely holding down a part time graphics position at a small firm in over a year. Of course there were lots of roadblocks and detours that got me in this predicament, I probably said it enough times in the past posts so I won’t bore you to death with the same old story.

So the past several months I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to make use of what time and resources I have left for the next decade or so. I have come to believe it is never too late for anything and I plan on going on with that hope. Stay tuned for next time ill show my outlines for my future paths.

Have a good Halloween! 🎃

I’m still here…

Hey there. Long time no see since last post.

Its been almost two months since my last post here. I’ve kind of been drifting away from my drawing table. Other life’s demands have further stumped me, but its not all for naught. I have been thinking and trying to get together my next step. Ill keep posting of that progress as I’m starting to get better clearer view of things. Have a good day and stay tuned…

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