It’s finally done- the official t.@.L.L.HAUZ logo!

t.@.L.L.HAUZ Logo. Adobe Illustrator.

Behold, the official logo for my new art series!

Literally it’s a house on a head. Since it is about a bunch of characters, the personifications of my psyche, living in my head, after all. I tried other ideas, like showing the head split open and the characters sticking out, but that seemed a bit, well, disturbing.

So far you can see there is room just enough for four, but more is expected to come and fill this house. Before long it will be a zoo house and I’ll have to put extra floor or two. You can also expect this house to be featured in some of the works.

Speaking of works, I need to put up some content here. What use is the logo and all this babbling about the series if there is NO content? Stay tuned…

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