t.@.L.L.HAUZ Cast of Characters – Ellex Deux

Just a Simple Guy trying to Middle along in the World…


DOB: July 4, 2018

Height: 4”

Weight: Average

Eyes: Brown, but you rarely see them because it’s hidden under his thick black hood.

Hair: Don’t know, he never takes off the hood

Appearance:  wears nothing but black, head to toe, prefers hoodies, has pale skin because he’s always covered, has reddish tear streak coming from his eyes (it is said that once he looked up to the sun and it burned out his eyes which caused it to bleed)

Likes: Unknown

Dislikes: Unknown

Ellex Deux is a mystery.  He keeps to himself, does not like to talk with others, even when he is in a group meeting.  He just sits in his place listening to other people’s dabbles and never bothers to convey his own opinions or ideas.  If you gave him a plate of poo to eat he would eat that no question asked.  I’m not kidding.

ED is passive to his surroundings and his position.  He lives life like Que Sera Sera, whatever will be, it will be.  He has no desire to try and change the situation and just accepts them for what they are and how they play out. He is quite adaptable, and he knows how to work his way around to suit his needs without changing the obstacles. 

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