t.@.L.L.HAUZ Cast of Characters – Anna Kiss

The Acolyte for Rebellion


DOB: June 6, 2019

Height: 4”

Weight: Skinny

Eyes: Blue, but always hidden beneath her gas mask

Hair: Shaved

Appearance:  Bald, always wearing gas mask with a bright red lipstick over a white letter A on the voicemitter, white tank shirt, Grey shorts, grey shoes

Likes: To be Free

Dislikes: Norms, rules, labels, restrictions, people trying to control other people

The name ANNA KISS is derived from the word ANARCHIST.

Anna Kiss sounds like a female name, right?  But this individual prefers to be non-binary, neither male or female.  They do not believe in labels or classifications.  They are just a person, a human being, made equal to and not greater or lesser than another.

Anna Kiss does not believe in the System.  She believes they are flawed and easily manipulated.  Every person should live as they see fit, as they had in the Prehistoric Ages.  No rules, no restrictions, no boundaries,no law, no order.  Humans are freewheeling, selfish beings and therefore cannot rule over or be ruled over by other humans.  

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