t.@.L.L.HAUZ – The Voices in My Head

At Long Last, the Time has come to unveil my latest Experiment-

Meet the t.@.L.L.HAUZ – the Gang that Lives in My Head.

Everyone has the three parts of the human psyche:  the ID, the EGO, and the SUPEREGO.  

 I came up with the idea to create characters based on the three areas of my human psyche giving each of them its own unique traits related to my own.  

The ID deals with our emotions and innate desires.  MAHo is an Artist who is determined to make art any way she sees fit, even if she must suffer for it, like a typical starving artist. 

The SUPEREGO deals with acquired knowledge and beliefs, influenced by outside forces.  In this case I created two separate entities: ANNA KISS and ELLEX DEUX.  Anna is very aggressive and outspoken, believes problems are solved with chaos and violence.  Ellex is more passive, accepting of the situations at hand and learning to work around it rather than trying to change it.

The EGO is essentially our actual selves, the one most connected to reality.  It acts as the mediator between the ID and the SUPEREGO, to satisfy each side to the best of its ability.    IKARU is a sad little girl who chooses to live in her own fantasy world where she is everything she can never be in real life, and makes very little effort to try and change her fate.  The main source of her sorrow is the tiny wings on each side of her shoulders that do not fly.  Even though she is the leader of the HAUZ she does not act like one; she is too deep in self pity and dreams. As a result the others run amok with no rules and no order, it is utter Chaos in my Head!

You have met the team, now get to know each individual psychemons (psyche demons for short, I just made that up right now. lol). But that is for another time, so stay tuned…

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