An Artist’s Life: Enjoy the Ride, Wherever It Takes You…

In life there is never a single straight path.

Some of us might wish life did not have to be so complicated like a box of puzzles or a road with several splitting lanes. But again, if everything was drawn out in a single straight line you just follow, what would you actually accomplish? And are some things worth the effort to accomplish?

In my last post I did a bit of griping about not being able to follow through with my plans, though later I did manage to find a silver lining to the bust. Like the car studio I had planned back in early 2019. Albeit a bit cramped I managed to adapt and make the most of the limited space there was. After all ‘small living’ was becoming a trend when people were looking to downsize or start small during this unstable economic times. Looking back however I recalled how I always had to pack up and haul the equipment in and out of the car which took a lot of my precious time (I could not possibly leave all the stuff in the car or risk getting broken into and losing them). And while I had started this venture during winter, in the summer it gets amazingly hot inside the car and it would have been bad for me (I hate hot weather) and for my computer and other flammable supplies. So in the end it was probably for the better that I didn’t follow through with that car studio. On a more brighter note I got a bigger, better studio right in my room of the house!(More on that later)

I also recall the time I almost gave up my pursuit of art entirely and instead sought thrill and adventure by joining the army (Details here), and when I tried to pursue graduate study in theater arts which almost guaranteed a secure future if I put all my heart and soul into it (and I did, really, when I was prepping for it, and was ready). Find out why that never happened.

But there is no use in mulling over what could have been, especially when it has long passed. If only there was a RESET button like there is on the Playstation or the XBox-that will never happen though. Best thing to do is to look ahead and keep moving forward, and don’t look back. And keep an open, positive mindset; that will lower your stress level down pretty significantly. To quote the classic Nissan commercial tagline: Life is a Journey, Enjoy the Ride.

Especially with this deadly Coronavirus running amok and making people sick keeping a positive attitude is a must in order to preserve what little sanity you might have of being cooped up indoors. And all the more reason why I’m glad the car studio project fell flat and I am typing this from the comfort of my room.

Have great weekend, and stay safe everyone!

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