Reflect, Refresh, Reboot…

MAHo, he official mascot of the Artist as LISA LEE.

Man I’ve left my blog hanging dry for too long…what happened?


I started this blog in 2013, the same year I decided to take up art as a full time endeavor, as a way to document my artwork, ideas, and process. For a while I was on a roll-making art, experimenting with different styles techniques and medium, and then blog about it. Sometimes I’d find other subjects to blog about, while remaining true to my original vision to relate it to my art making process. Then I went about promoting my blog and my art branching out to various social media and even entering some local shows to get myself out there.

I think that’s where it started going downhill.

As I would learn self promotion is a lot of work, especially when I’m doing it all myself. No hired help, I was too poor for that. I naively thought I could handle it well and while I won’t expect to get a million followers at least I would get enough exposure in and out of the net to get the recognition as a serious artist.

It ended up consuming most of my life as I feverishly posted my stuff on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube -just about all the social media platforms I knew. I even searched and entered several small local shows to put myself out there in real life instead of just the web. Along the way seeing such dismal performances of my hard work further drained my energy. On top of it all I was constantly adding stuff to my To Do List and trying to make as much time and space possible to get them done…


So 2020 comes and I’ve set it in stone to really declutter and reorganize my life, my duties, and my sanity. I started up on an old hobby of mine-gaming-to clear my brain and distract away from the messiness I’ve unwittingly put myself in and pushed myself to slow down. I’ve also not had really made new bodies of work as I had begun narrowing down my field of interests and subjects to really focus on. Then I did what I’ve often go on and off at- planning and scheduling. I set the days that I would focus on my work, set aside what projects I would complete for what month and so forth. Most of all I would revive this blog from its long hibernation. I had posted few tidbits from time to time, just not at the rate I used to prior to end of 2018. I’m currently relearning from time to time through the web about revamping my blog as well promotion and marketing properly and effectively.


And so it begins today that I post my first real blog post in the longest time. I have reset my site to a blog format instead of a static art gallery site. I decided I could blog about my past experiences and the things I’ve learned from the highlights and the pitfalls of my endeavors. And of course I will continue to document my art and process, which had been the reason I even started this blog in the first place. I will even go in-depth into each of the three R’s I’ve addressed here, as there is so much I could write about, but do not want to cram it all into one single post. It would be better to spread it out into separate posts so it could have more flair and substance.

And lastly I want to introduce my “official” blog mascot, MAHo! (You can see her at the top of this post) Expect to see her in many of my future posts. And of course I will talk about her history (or should it be herstory).

Have a great week everyone!

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