Sometimes life throws you lemons. Sometimes it throws in tons.

I’ve hit yet another roadblock.

About three months before 2019 I made a cautious decision to quit my part time job as a graphic artist for a small firm to focus fulltime on my fledgling art career. I carefully laid out my plan for the next six months or so as to how I would set up my artist studio and promote it via Youtube and other social media and find funding for it either by crowdfunding or applying for grants. I thought I had it all figured out and for the first few months of the new year it was going pretty smoothly.

Then there comes the derailment.

Both my parents have, ended up at the hospital for pneumonia my mother being the worst off and being held in ICU, and the prognosis is not so good.

Once again I will have to put everything on hold.

Life can be such a b!@# sometimes you know.

But by now I’m used to all these interruptions, and I’ve accepted my station, and will make the most out of it.

Perhaps this is another way of telling me that I need to grow some more before I can finally take that giant leap forward into my dream.

Think about it. Van Gogh didn’t make it big until he was dead. Surely I can avoid that exact fate. ^^;

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