Nine Idols : On the Home Stretch

Two more completed this week, though on the second look I may have to rework some details as it just doesn’t fit.

It’s all about Sex, baby!  Meet Mista McLovin’ the Idol of all things sex and porn.  (The name comes from the movie SUPERBAD, where one of the characters change his name to McLovin.)

“I’m a gambling man, placed a lot of bets, all over the floor; and in every game I lost a whole lotta hardearned bucks!”  (Singing it to the tune of TRAVELING MAN by Ricky Nelson.  Hehe).  Wasn’t sure on the name, originally I went with GAMBIT but later I changed to HIGH ROLLAZ.  Sorry if it sounds too gangster for your taste.

Next up, the last two Idols on the way.  Stay tuned…

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