Nine IDOLS: Four to Go…

Okay, I’ve completed three more in the Nine Idols series.

This is Reaper, the Idol of Bloodshed and Violence.  Given humankind’s mad obsession for blood and wrath, and adding on the recent social and political storm in the US over gun control.  Not to mention the ominous signs that the world is steps closer to another catastrophic conflict since WW2, which I pray to God will not happen.

Like the Greek God Dionysus BOOZEY lords over those who just can’t get enough of drinks of all kinds, like beer, wine, whiskey, vodka, tequila-you name it.  And for many people that has proved to be fatal.

This guy, MR. VAIN, was actually the first to be completed. (see here)  I just put another layer of purple paint in the background.

There’s still four more heads to go, I’m pretty sure I can get them all within the next two weeks or so.  Hope you will stick around to the finish.  Have good Memorial Day weekend!

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