Nine Idols WIP 5 – Skull Parts Assemble!

So I have the pieces (eyes, teeth, nose) for all nine skullheads.  Now to put them together!

Here I am putting together the first of the 9 idols I call MR. VAIN.  Because there is the tendency for one to worship, you guessed it, self.  We as humans will do anything to stand out and feel good about ourselves, whether it is by looks, with brand names, money, status, and stuff like that.  I was able to find a chromatic poster board which sort of acts like a mirror so it gives the idea of looking at ourselves.  As for the eyes and the other parts, I simply used Reynolds Wrap®.

Next time I post here it will be the best part of all: painting!  But that is going to take some time so it will be pretty quiet here for a while.  Maybe I’ll put in some fillers here to keep you readers interested while you wait but what am I going to write about that’s anyone’s guess, and mine too.  In the meantime have a good weekend until I return…

One Comment on “Nine Idols WIP 5 – Skull Parts Assemble!

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