Nine Idols WIP 3

Today I show you my first time at moldmaking.  This was for making the eyes and teeth for the skulls.


I bought this latex moldbuilder from Joanns.  It seemed pretty simple, just brush on layer over another layer of the latex onto the object to make the mold out of.  As you can see in the label above, the stuff contains ammonia, and warns to use it in WELL VENTILATED areas and to NOT BREATHE IN too much of the fumes.  Well like a fool that I am I took one whiff of the liquid and man I thought I was going to heaven.  (j/k that was an exaggeration but it was indeed strong and I felt little sick)  I initially started work on the mold in my room with window open but apparently that was not enough, it started slowly stinking up beyond the room and covered the entire second floor of the house, about to move into the lower floor where my mom was, and considering that my mom is still recovering from the grueling episodes of chemotherapy in the past several years I could not risk getting her sick so I quickly hauled all the stuff out of the house and to the back yard, where the birds and the neighbors will surely suffer from the awful stench but at least the outdoor air will do its job of blowing it away in short time.  I just hope it doesn’t do damage to the ozone layer, as it’s already having enough from all the other pollutants we humans are sending.




As you can see above I had formed the eyes, the nose, and the teeth of the skulls with air-dry crafting clay and use that as the base for the mold.  I would brush on layer over another layer of the latex, letting it dry in between.  At first I just tried pouring a big glob over the pieces only to find it takes insanely long time to dry and when I tried peeling it out after the surface hardened the inside was still a gooey mess.



After about ten coats and letting it dry overnight I slowly peel off the latex from the clay pieces.  The mold held its shapes for the most part, the edges were a bit wonky, but I figure I can work around it somehow.



I learned to keep the molds lightly dusted with powder or they stick to one another like birds of a feather, though luckily don’t tear when you try to later take them apart (if I had made the layers thinner it most likely would have).  It took three days to make three sets of the eyes, nose, and teeth mold for the nine skulls I have prepped.  Next part I’ll talk about casting the pieces with the latex molds using resin.  I can’t wait…

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