The Nine Idols WIP 2

Hey there.

Part 2 of my Work in Progress Session with THE NINE IDOLS.

I’ve actually had these prepped last summer and now that I have the sketches down I’m ready to get working.


Here are the nine boards primed with gesso. I opted to give them a 3d feel and so I stenciled the skull shapes using modeling paste, and left them out to dry overnight & two.



As it turned out, there were several different kinds of modeling pastes. I gave a try with two of them, a flexible paste and (I forget what the other one was). I found the flexible one was more smooth and kept its form while the other, well, it shrank and cracked as it dried. Just as well, I wanted them to have some textures so it works out.


Next, I’ll be posting about making the eyes and teeth pop out.  Stay tuned…

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