But The Hands That Holdeth…

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”  That is a true statement, after all guns can’t shoot itself.  It’s all about who holds the trigger.  Now this does not mean everyone who own guns are murderers and should be punished, there are justifiable reasons every person has to carry guns (be it the need to protect and serve, for retribution, for self-defense, and such), and I respect them for it.  But people have little or no sense of self-control, and that is the problem.

So beware these people that carry the guns:

The Police


The Military Man


The G-Men (or the government agents, those is black suits)


The Hobbyist (those who go hunting or target practice regularly)


The Criminals (burglars, terrorists (not only limited to ISIS), extremists, etc.)




Senior citizens (particularly the hard-edged veterans, because your mind do get cloudy with age)


The Mental Patient (schizos, OCDs, bipolars, you name it)


The Scorned Woman (cause, Hell Hath No Fury Like The Woman Scorned)


The Outcast (including but not limited to freaks and geeks)


The Baby (yes, you read that right.  Because babies they like to get their little hands on everything)


Now if you believe I missed something, or you don’t agree with what I have here, feel free to discuss.  Just don’t bring your gun.  😉

Have nice weekend.

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