Iron Sakura – A Visit to the Past

Some time ago I was digging through some old stuff from college days and I came across this:


It was one of my early forays into comic art while I was still college.  This was a character design artwork for one of the original comics I had produced to present at portfolio pieces.  I had since forgotten about it as time swept by and circumstances changed its course beyond my expectations.

Now today I’ve picked this up from my old stash, and I was swept up in wind of nostalgia for a brief moment, for the day as that nerdy twentysomething college art student trying to make it big in the world of comics and animation.  Then I examined this piece and was pleasantly surprised at how well I had rendered this with ink and watercolor on illustration board.  So I thought I’d share a bit of my past with you all.  I’ve also managed to fish out the comic pages that accompany this.  I will share that with you next time.

P.S.  See the two Kanji letters on the top right?  It means “iron” and “sakura”.


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